Songs that I performed on

Fun with drums

The Audio Rubdown Project


I haven’t spent much time in the studio. I’m pretty green to it, but I like it. This was a fun spur of the moment session so to speak. My friend Willie Phipps whom I have worked in several bands with had a bunch of great material he writing with that was all in midi. My friend Brad whom I have also worked in several bands with decided to get Willie’s music on CD. Brad sent the files to all of us and we learned the parts. We got together in willies basement for a few nights and rehearsed the songs. A few days later we all popped in the van and went up to Fast Trax studios in Jennison , MI and for two days we laid down these songs.

All of my drum tracks were done on the first take, not saying that I knocked it out of the park, but I love how simple the drum grooves are. As I listen to this I am reminded how long ago this was. Almost a lifetime ago. It would be fun to go back and cut these again to see if I’ve improved any in the last 10 years or so.

Third Coast Reggae Band

Some of the best times of my young life with great friends on this cd. As a band we traveled all across the US playing anywhere we could. From west coast to east coast to the deep south and the Rockies.

The Jah Kings Reggae Band


In the early 90’s I got a call from some guys I had never met before. They needed a drummer to replace the current drummer in their line up. I had never played reggae music, but I was down for the challenge. I was GREEN a first. It took me a solid 2 years to train myself in the discipline of reggae music. It’s a style that is completely backwards from the 2 and 4 that I was used to. I did two studio sessions with them. The first was a 5 song demo and the second was a few years later as a full album. I listen to this stuff now 25 years later and I can hear how young my playing was. Kinda crazy A.D.H.D. type playing. I get a laugh out of the fact that I start every song with the SAME pickup intro. It kills me to listen to it today (the pickup note), but I can still appreciate the work we did.

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